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Why Choose Web Ninja? 

The Ninjas pride ourselves in understanding business, especially what we can do to give you a better process. Our team is made up of Project Managers, Developers and Salespeople who understand what an integrated platform can do for your company. Our experience when it comes to understanding both accounting and e-commerce is second to none. We get a kick out of providing efficiency-creating solutions, whether they be simple 'out of the box' ones or more complex 'tailored' to your business process scenarios.

With many hundreds of customers using our solutions on a daily basis, the Ninjas know 'business' and what a better process can do for your and your team. Web Ninja products add significant value to your business and reduce cost, our unique applications talk to your accounting software, which means your Web store customers see data in real-time, not based on an intermittent manual or file import. Our CRM completes the picture by making available relevant accounting data for customer-facing staff that need it. It is as if your accounting software and our applications are one. 


Who are the Ninjas?

The Ninjas are a passionate team of experienced professionals with offices based in both New Zealand and Australia. We have been helping businesses connect to their customers for over 20 years and have hundreds of reference sites with customers spread across New Zealand and Australia.

With so many years of experience developing accounting and e-commerce solutions, our team is dedicated to making your business better...


The Ninja Mission

To provide the best solutions for our customers, allowing them to close sales faster, and sell more products whilst creating greater efficiencies in their business. Web Ninja provides ecommerce integration for some of the most popular small business accounting solutions including MYOB Exo, MYOB Accoutright, Infusion, JIWA, Attache, Quickbooks, Ostendo, Fishbowl and Tencia. Our integrations provide the flexibility of using your own Web Ninja web store (standard or custom), linking to your Magento or Shopify store or 'close sales faster' with our CRM.


It really is as simple as 1… 2… 3…

1. Choose a template or request a customised template from our design team

2. Make the link between your accounting software

3. Start accepting orders 


Make the link between your accounting software and your Web Ninja software and you're done! There is no need to import and export data it simply automatically updates. Any changes made in your accounting software will carry through to your shop. Any purchases online will reflect in your accounting software. It really is that easy! When you add up the costs associated with your time insuring your online shop is reflecting the same figures, stock and information as your online store or a physical premise, wages and marketing, a Web Ninja online store may be the most cost-effective decision your business ever makes. Everything is automatically set up to work hand in hand with your accounting software. All you need to do is start taking orders. Web Ninja eliminates the time it would have normally taken you to manually update your online store.