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Ariya Health

A clean bill of health from the Ninjas. 

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Ariya Health are a National Wholesale Distributor specialising in high quality Practitioner Only Products. They are a family owned and operated business which supports health practitioners in clinic across Australia. 

Ariya are committed to providing high quality service to their customers and their new integrated website not only reduces the administration required to process orders, but also provides practitioners with up to date stock levels, specialised pricing and custom functionality including an online prescription service. Approved practitioners can create prescriptions for their patients on the website. Patients simply log in to fill their prescriptions and have them delivered to their door.

Integration Features


  • Products are imported from Fishbowl with a number of attributes from custom fields. 

Customer Import: 

  • Price policies, credit terms and customer information


  • Scrolling featured products 
  • Stock Availability 
  • Notify me when back in stock
  • Product information downloads 
  • Qty breaks displayed and enforced
  • Different freight options apply depending on customer type, order total & postcode.
  • Integration with Bendigo Bank
  • Payment types based on Fishbowl credit terms
  • Stop credit enforcement
  • Product restrictions based on customer types
  • Sales Reps – Order on behalf
  • Quantity breaks - Display and enforce quantity break information from your accounting software to entice customers to purchase more.
  • Prescription service - Approved practitioners can create prescriptions for their patients. Patients simply log in to fill their prescriptions.



Site Name: Ariya Health

Web Address: www.ariyahealth.com.au

Software: Fishbowl

Location: Townsville, QLD

Industry: Practitioner Products

Customer Type: Wholesale & Retail

Contact: Tia Brennan