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Arton Giftware

The Ninja’s give the gift that keep’s on giving. 

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Arton has been a successful business for over 15 years developing, importing and distributing innovative giftware for the Australian market as well as supplying goods  to a number of retailers in the Asia Pacific region. 

The Ninjas have successfully delivered a convenient and accessible solution for Arton’s sales reps to place orders, monitor their customer buy habits and keep up to date with new and incoming stock. 

Integration Features


All product information is managed in Ostendo and imported to the website. Customer import including price policies, credit terms and customer information


  • Minimum/Multiple Quantities - Products must be purchased in certain quantities, the minimum required is automatically populated. Any attempts to purchase incorrect quantities will display an error message with the correct amounts required.
  • ​Back Order Report - Customers can log in and view a list of orders that have backordered items. They can then drill into each order to view more information about the backorder including the products and quantities on backorder
  • Products are only visible to approved customers 
  • New account approval process
  • Temporary Access for potential customers
  • Ability to create new customers in CMS
  • Minimum / multiple qtys are enforced
  • Min first order amount enforced
  • Reorder previous orders
  • Multiple payment types available
  • Invoices and statements
  • Quick Order
  • View Backorders
  • Customer pricing
  • Customer import
  • Customer types
  • Product restrictions based on customer types
  • Sales Reps – Order on behalf
  • Sales Rep Report



Site Name: Arton Giftware

Web Address: www.arton.com.au

Software: Ostendo

Location: Kellor Park, VIC

Industry: Giftware

Customer Type: Wholesale

Contact: Michelle Neilson

Ostendo Partner: Hamagi Business Solutions