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Snowskiers Warehouse 

Stock control that’s easier than the beginner’s slope. 

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Paul & Louise have been selling premium ski and snowboarding equipment at low prices for the last 25 years. They came to the Ninja’s with an existing live Bigcommerce site with a lot of stock level related problems. The Ninja’s jumped in, and in less time than it takes to wax your board, plugged in their stock levels from MYOB RetailManager. With a really quick and easy setup, all stock levels were synced to existing products and orders were sent back from the webstore to RetailManager, fixing the biggest pain point in their business. 


Site Name: Snowskiers Warehouse 

Web Addresswww.snowskierswarehouse.com.au 

Software: Big Commerce integration for MYOB RetailManager 

Location:  Rockdale, NSW 

Industry:  Ski and Snowboard Equipment 

Customer Type: Retail