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Award Importing

The Ninja’s keep Award Importing on the right track.

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Award Importing is a unique family business committed to the wholesale of premium quality solutions to meet the demands of New Zealand’s tyre industry. Their free professional advice is backed up by over 50 years experience in the field and on the tools. They are based in Palmerston North but also have dispatched warehouses in Dunedin and Hamilton.

The Ninja’s were first summoned by Award in 2012 to provide an efficient ordering solution for their dealers. As quick as a slash from a ninja’s sword, we’d set them up with a webstore and CRM both integrated to Infusion. Earlier this year they signed up for an upgrade to Web Ninja Enterprise to take advantage of the new Infusion integration and add a ton of new features and functionality for their customers. 

Integration Features

  • Four levels of categories
  • Prices & stock availability hidden before login
  • Featured products
  • New and special products with flags
  • Make an enquiry
  • Multiple product images
  • Multiple stock locations
  • Infusion kits – including custom rules for stock locations
  • Stock rules based on multiple locations
  • Number of product attributes imported from custom fields
  • Product information downloads
  • Embedded videos
  • Sort By filter
  • Add to favourites
  • Upload order by csv
  • Express Order
  • Customer import
  • Quick Pick List
  • Olark online chat
  • Countdown to free freight
  • Category Manager
  • One page checkout
  • Mobile site


Site NameAward Importing

Web Addresswww.awardimporting.co.nz


LocationPalmerston North, NZ

IndustryTyres & Tyre Products

Customer TypeWholesale