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Nationwide food distribution with Ninja Precision 

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As Japanese cuisine has become a popular dining choice in Australia, Daiwa Food Corporation has been recognised as a major Japanese food importer and distributor. Daiwa supply a comprehensive range of authentic Japanese food products and consumables to retail, catering and hospitality industries. They have a national presence in all the major cities throughout Australia including: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth & Adelaide.

Daiwa were wanting to service their existing customers in a more efficient way, providing access for ‘anytime’ ordering as well and to enhance the service experience for certain customers only needing to order specific products. At the same time, Daiwa sales reps also needed a nice easy way to order on behalf of their customers whilst out on the road. Daiwa knew that by integrating their web store to MYOB Exo, they could control their website products display, show customers ‘their’ price, make outstanding invoices available for printing and also restrict some customers to only see certain products… all from within the MYOB Exo system.

Integration Features

  • Categories - Web categories are linked to MYOB Exo ‘extra fields’ as Daiwa were using their default product categories for reporting. 
  • Product restrictions based on customer types – uses an MYOB extra field to identify a customer type and then an extra field on the stock item to align the item to the customer type.
  • ‘Quick-pick’ pantry list style ordering module for super quick ordering.
  • Order templates pre-configured with quantities for quick ‘replenishment’ ordering – templates are set up as areas of the kitchen (freezer, dry store etc.)
  • Customers can re-order from previous orders (quick, easy 1 click ordering)
  • Invoices and statements are available under a customers account for viewing and printing.
  • Full integration with MYOB Exo customer special pricing to ensure customers see ‘their’ price when logged in.
  • Sales reps can log in and choose a customer they wish to place an order for.
  • Preferred ‘delivery date’ option on the checkout page so customers can let Daiwa know when they would like their order.
  • Recognition of valid credit terms in Exo to ensure customers with the appropriate credit status can order.


Site NameDaiwa Food Online

Web Addressdaiwafoodonline.com.au

SoftwareMYOB Exo

LocationMount Waverley, VIC  

IndustryFood Service

Customer TypeWholesale


Using a Web Ninja standard B2B template, Daiwa’s colour and logo were rinsed through the site to adhere to their branding. The site is configured as a ‘login only’ site primarily to service existing customers and their sales reps to use the site for remote ordering. Daiwa Food is also using a dedicated ‘mobile’ compatible module with the same features as the desktop site.